6 Small Home Office Ideas To Maximise Your Space

home office space idea

You’ve decided to create a small office out of the back room for some extra productivity.


But now you’ve started putting together all your office needs, you are immediately stuck for space?

You’re not alone.

In this article we reveal 6 tips to get the most out of the space in your home office.

Let’s get started.

1. Minimalist Desk

minimalist desk

Now wait, I know this seems such an obvious choice! But hear me out.

Most desks will range between 120cm in width, and 180cm.

That is over half a metre in space saved for the same requirement.

If you are like myself and are designing a home office to fill the box room, this space saving can be HUGE.

Let’s face it, do you really need all that desk space?

In my home office, I currently have this option (I went for an all gloss white effect).

enzo white gloss desk

It is only 120cm in size, but I do not feel a lack of space around me (I use a laptop).

If you are a person who uses multiple monitors, or a computer and laptop simultaneously, I advise you to do your checks first.

When purchasing your desk for your small home office, I highly recommend looking at options with exposed legs.

2. Floating Shelves

home office floating shelf

Don’t worry, I didn’t know what they were until someone mentioned them to me too!

Floating shelves are essentially shelving that is fixed to a wall with no visible means of how they are attached. This is what gives the furniture a ‘floating’ effect.

Floating shelves are a really creative way of keeping floor space at a premium by removing the typical from the floor up shelving.

Wall space is typically one of the most under-utilised sections of a room, so get those floating shelves up and add a splash of colour to the room with your book collection.

The furniture is really easy to install, and will help keep the room feeling spacious.

3.  Colour Themes

spacious white home office

Sorry, if black is your favourite colour black just won’t work in this room!

So what colours make a small room look bigger?

Softer colour tones such as white, off white and pale shades of blue and green can make a room look more spacious. Avoid darker more solid colours such as black, navy and red.

So I know your next question…

How can a colour make a room look more spacious?

Lighter colours create a feeling of spaciousness due to their reflection of light. As colours such as white naturally reflect light, it can create an effect of surfaces seeming larger than they actually are.

On the other hand, darker tones of colours can create the opposite effect. Colours such as black are well known for their absorption of light and can create an effect of the room feeling compact.

Whilst we mention colour themes of the room, do not use too many colours. Too many colours in a small space creates the perception of chaos, that is not our vibe!

In addition contrasting colours bring your eye to the lines and edges of the room, making the size of the room more obvious.

I recommend sticking to 2, maximum 3 colours in your room.

4. Artwork

ocean artwork print wayfair

Who would have known that impulse buy of the beach could come in handy?

Some pieces of artwork such as minimalist prints can assist with the feeling of spaciousness. An empty beach with a bright blue sky can help present an ‘airiness’ to your small space.

Pictures to avoid? Busy skylines and crowded pictures. Think peace and tranquility and you won’t steer too far away from the ideal.

Also, make sure the print is of a big enough size to create the feeling we mention. Purchasing a small A4 print won’t cut it!

A2 in preferable, but make sure at the very least your piece is A3 in size.

5. Purchase A Rug

Rugs are a great, simple way of making a room look bigger than reality.

Although it may sound strange purchasing a larger rug can maximise the effect.

How can a large rug make your small room look bigger?

A larger sized rug does not leave much of the floor space to the eye except for a border. It extends underneath and past furniture.

This draws the eye further and wider, creating the desired effect of the room appearing larger.

Be careful not too purchase too small a rug. Purchasing a rug too little in size will present the opposite of what you are trying to achieve and make the size of the room more glaring.

6. Mirrors

home office mirror

When my wife told me we would have three mirrors in one room, I thought she was joking.

Do we really need to have three mirrors in a small room?

The benefits of several mirrors in a room (apart from staring at yourself) were explained.

Mirrors are a fantastic addition to give the illusion of more space to smaller rooms.

Where should you place the mirrors in a small room to promote space?

Opposite the doorway. This reflects the outside hallway giving the impression of your room being larger.

Another common option includes placing mirrors on opposite walls facing each other. The reflections give depth to your small room, creating the perspective of a bigger space.

Final Thoughts

small home office

A small room doesn’t have to feel claustrophobic! I was guilty of making common mistakes that made my home office feel cluttered.

It creates an environment difficult to concentrate and giving you any excuse to leave the room!

These small adjustments have helped me rectify previous faux pas’ and make a home office I can easily lose track of time in!

I hope they help you too.

Let’s get to work!

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